As a big fan of JEOPARDY! (or JEP-R-DO!, as I like to call it), it caught my attention a few days ago that July 22 will be Alex Trebeck’s birthday (July 22, 1940). His upcoming birthday got me to thinking about doing a post relating to the program and/or its host, but I was doing little more than piddling around with the idea….until I saw this clip:

My immediate reaction was I had no clue that any member of the Trump clan had the intellectual chops to watch a program which invites seeing if your pool of knowledge is deeper than a piddle. After getting past that shock, I realized that if a Trump can be more than a bump on a log where watching JEOPARDY! is concerned, surely I can count on my followers being more players than naysayers where JEP-R-DO! (my version) is concerned.

Therefore, I have spared no expense to consult the world’s greatest know-it-alls (with the lamentable exception of the President) to put together a list of ten answers guaranteed to challenge even the amazing, incredible, great, terrific, tremendous, yuge reservoir of knowledge collectively held by you, my faithful readers. You will then have thirty seconds to come up with the correct questions. Since your time is limited, it is only fair that I use a matching format, listing the questions from 1 to 10 so all you need do is match the numbered questions in the second list with the lettered answers in the first list. Ready? Go!!!

a. The greatest businessman, politician and showman/spin meister/hoax promoter in American history (famous initials P.T.)
b. Playboy of the Western World
c. Master of the Universe
d. Disaster of the Universe
e. Demander in Chief
f. Liar, liar, rants on fire
g. Pathological Narcissist
h. Super Dupe-r
i. Bully Boy
j. Putin Patsy

1. Who is President Trump?
2. Who is President Trump?
3. Who is President Trump?
4. Who is President Trump?
5. Who is President Trump?
6. Who is President Trump?
7. Who is President Trump?
8. Who is President Trump?
9. Who is President Trump?
10. Who is President Trump?

That wasn’t too hard now, was it?



25 comments on “THIS IS JEP-R-DO!

  1. Oh my gosh, this is awesome!! What a glorious way to wake up in the morning – with a belly full of laughter. Thank you, mistermuse!!

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  2. Garfield Hug says:

    Hahaha! You, Mistermuse can vie for Alex’s post as new show host..haha

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  3. I enjoyed that. Thanks!

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  4. arekhill1 says:

    Orange shit-gibbon is my current favorite

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  5. mistermuse says:

    A bit crude, Ricardo, but it pales in comparison with some of the shit the Orange man heaps on those who don’t genuflect before him.


  6. renxkyoko says:

    I answered trump in 2 seconds.LOL

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  7. That was way too easy. 😀 Lol

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    • mistermuse says:

      If it were only half that easy to get Trump diehards to see him as the morally bankrupt braggart and “wise guy from Queens [who] apparently hasn’t yet managed to overcome childhood insecurities,” Republicans might yet do the right thing for the country and impeach him (quote courtesy of columnist Kathleen Parker).

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      • I have to admit that Trump’s behavior is less frightening to me than that of the Republicans. As a group, they are acting like cowards and traitors, willing to sacrifice the country for power, and that’s far more dangerous than one out of control man.

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  8. masercot says:

    My son dated a girl who almost won Jeopardy’s Teen Tournament. It was painful to watch her lose: She gambled that she wouldn’t know the final jeopardy answer and, instead, she did… but didn’t bet enough…

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    • mistermuse says:

      I can feel the girl’s pain as well….make that, I can feel the girl’s pain TOO, masercot. The guys and gals who make it on to Jeopardy! are invariably interesting people–people you’d enjoy knowing personally–and so when one of them loses the way that girl did, you feel for them.

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      • masercot says:

        She couldn’t tell me how it ended but she hinted at it. I said, “You lost?” and she replied, “Yes”… so I said, “You couldn’t answer the last question?”… and then she got cagey.

        And, call me “Charlie”…

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      • mistermuse says:

        Charlie, I just remembered an old song about you (spelled a little different, but no doubt it ‘captures’ you perfectly). 🙂


  9. mlrover says:

    This is so funny! Thanks.

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  10. chattykerry says:

    That was so clever and snarky. I raise my hat to you, sir!

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  11. I much prefer JEP-R-DO to Jeopardy, because I knew all the answers (questions).

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  12. mistermuse says:

    Sorry about my late noticing of your comments, Kerry and Marietta. For some reason, I didn’t receive emails from WordPress letting me know that you had made comments awaiting approval.


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