I get an idea —
I thrill at the thought;
I don’t write it down —
Now it’s all for naught.

I get an idea —
I think it’s inspired;
I don’t write it down —
And now it’s retired.

I get an idea —
I think it’s punny;
I don’t write it down —
Now it’s not funny.

I get an idea —
I think that it’s great;
I don’t write it down —
And now it’s too late.

I get an idea —
I think that it’s shit;
I do write it down —
This poem is it.



30 comments on “THE LIFE OF A WRITER

  1. I get a thought
    and it’s all for naught
    I should clean the floor
    no vacuuming anymore,
    I see white paint flecks
    among the tissue specks,
    on top of the dirty door…
    I don’t want to clean anymore,
    I should go shop at the store
    instead, I fall asleep and snore…

    Exceprt from my book of poems titled
    Copyright 2015
    By Michele Mazur

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    • mistermuse says:

      Michaeline or Michele: Between Michaeline Montezinos, Michele Mazur and mistermuse, we seem to be making much too much of a mess of our milieus. How about you hire a maid to clean up, and I’ll eat some m&m’s to meliorate my memory. Works for me.


  2. arekhill1 says:

    Ain’t that the truth.


  3. mistermuse says:

    I thought of a clever reply, but I forgot it.


  4. scifihammy says:

    Some writer once got a good idea and had no notebook on him, so stopped the car and wrote it out in the dust on the back windscreen! Keep a notebook handy 🙂
    But your poems are funny 🙂


  5. oh yes! I never have a scrap of paper and a pencil handy when rhyming phrases pop up in my mind… just have to keep repeating them so I won’t forget…husband must think I am bit crazy when he finds me mumbling to myself…

    Michele (Karas) was my assumed pen name in Detroit.
    I chose Mazur since it was my Mom’s maiden name and
    Florida has many nice lakes and Mazur translates into “lake.”


  6. mistermuse says:

    Thanks for the name(s) explanation. There was a pro football player with the Detroit Lions named Alex Karras who went on to become an actor (remember “Mongo” in BLAZING SADDLES) – is that where you got the idea for your Detroit pen name, or was Karas your maiden name?


  7. Don Frankel says:

    Nailed it Muse.


  8. mistermuse says:

    A previous commenter advised keeping a notebook handy, and I second the motion. You can pre-post your thoughts on your computer, but sometimes they get lost in cyberspace, which is apparently the Internet’s equivalent of your brain forgetting them before you put them down on paper.


    • mistermuse, I used to hear that question many times in Detroit. “Are you related to Alex Karas?” (I may be wrong but I thought his name had only one ‘r.’ ) Anyway, you may not believe this but my maiden name was longer than my married name. It was Karaszkiewicz. In school we were told to write our names and the date in the upper right hand corner before writng down the answers for a test on our loose leaf paper. My classmates usually had a head start on answering the exam questions while I was still writing my name. However, I was smart enough to finish before them and had time to check my answers while they struggled. Family may have given me a long name but it was a challenge. I managed to get an A in both Spelling and Handwriting on every report card from third grade to senior high. Yes, we did start printing in first grade and then we were taught the cursive method in third grade. No computers back then to replace good quality paper and pencils and then fountain ink pens.


  9. mistermuse says:

    Michaeline, all the Google sites give Alex’s last name as “Karras,” but the correct spelling is of but passing interest at this point, as he died several years ago. Your maiden name reminds me of what everyone calls long-time Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski for short: “Coach K.”


  10. I remember Coach K since UNC’s basketball team under Coach Dean was one of Duke’s competitors. Since my better half went to UNC we watched those games in the 80’s and 90’s. As far as Alex K’s name, I must have thought he spelled his last name like I spelled the first five letters of my maiden name. Here is an example of my ignorance, no my innocence!

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  11. ladysighs says:

    Sounds so familiar. 😦


  12. mistermuse says:

    Familiar, yes, but I also wanted to make it “G” rated. Unfortunately, the only alternative I could come up with to the “s” word in the last stanza was “I think it’s the pits.” That would’ve required changing the last line to “This poem is its”…..which would’ve been the pits, so I quits.


  13. If something is shit

    say so and that’s it.

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  14. mistermuse says:

    Something is smelling,
    as I get the drift,
    so I’ll correct your spelling
    if it won’t cause a rift.

    If “If” is what you meant
    instead of “I”….
    I’ll edit your first sent-
    ence, after I let it dry.


  15. You are right, mistermuse, the I should have been an If’.


  16. mistermuse says:

    I’ve corrected it, Michaeline. It’s a good comment


  17. Another typo…I am sorry but I am not feeling well. I did see the doctor on Wed.
    Dzekuje, Pan! Translation: Thank you, Sir! ( from my little knowledge of the Polish language )


  18. mistermuse says:

    You’re more than welcome, Michaeline.. I’ve often corrected an obvious typo without asking, which is probably what I should’ve done with your 1:01 pm typo. Sorry to have made a “big stink” of it, but I couldn’t resist responding to your little rhyme with one of my own.


    • No problemo, Senor Musica. I do like your replies. You hace a ‘wunnerful’ sense of humor. ‘Wunnerful’ reminds me of Lawrence Welk (not his real last name, changed by show business giants.) I think he may have been of Easter European status. Some say he was Polish. I cannot remember those details; it has been years since I read his biography. But I guess I was “square” since I did enjoy his TV program as a young girl. A VERY young girl.


  19. OMG! I spelled Eastern as Easter…here I go again. It must be the fever I have…Ha! Ha! If I laugh at myself, it makes me feel better. 🙂


  20. mistermuse says:

    I didn’t even notice you wrote Easter (instead of Eastern), Michaeline – if I had, I might have wondered if you meant “he may have been of Easter Island status.” 🙂


  21. No one can touch you, mistermuse, when it comes to writing poems, having a great vocabulary and a good memory of past historical events. Someone once wrote that “those who are not students of history are doomed to repeat it.” Let’s live the truth as long we are here on this mortal plane. Life and love are all wrapped in those tiny circuits in our brains. Life is what you make of it, mister muse.


  22. mistermuse says:

    Modesty precludes my differing with your praise of my various merits, Michaeline – especially today, of all days (see my new post titled HUMILITY IS MY GREATEST VIRTUE). But that doesn’t bar me from applauding the rest of your remarks.


  23. Modesty prevents me from applauding myself. I do thank you for regarding my posts as worthwhile. Humility, however is not one of my virtues.

    I will read your post as soon as I am able. Have a good evening.

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