I hear tell there are still some out there who, like me, really dig old songs (for you adolescents, by “old” I don’t mean last month’s songs – I refer to songs of the 1920s & early 1930s). If so, and you’re also interested in early sound films, I’d like to let you in on a very interesting blog I’ve stumbled upon: Vitaphone Varieties.

Old movie buffs will recognize the word Vitaphone in the above blog as the name used by Warner Bros. for their new sound process which synchronized actors’ voices with the film projector, starting in 1927 with the release of the first talking picture, The Jazz Singer, which, of course, wasn’t really much of a talking picture – most of it was silent – but that’s another story. If you’ve seen Singing In The Rain, you get the idea.

Perhaps we will take a look at the further adventures of Vitaphone another time – for now, there is more than enough material posted on the above blog to keep you reading and listening until you ask for more.