After combining P and Q in my last post, I’m again looking to bring the number of posts in this series up to its corresponding letter….and, as luck would have it, the next letter (which is R, for the benefit of the alphabetically challenged) is replete with girl’s name-song titles. Thus R will be divided in two parts, with Track I being a run for the Roses.

First out of the gate is SECOND HAND ROSE, made famous by Fanny Brice in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1921, but sung here by someone else because it’s only fitting that someone else sing a second hand song someone else sang first:

Second, we have the first Rose song from a Ziegfeld show (Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic, 1920):

Selecting my last pick for Part One could have gotten a bit thorny because a number of good Rose songs remain to vie for my favor, so I made an arbitrary choice in order to avoid — are you ready for this — the War of the Roses. After all, it’s Only A Rose: