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  • mistermuse 12:00 am on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    In summer, the song sings itself. –William Carlos Williams
    Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. –Sam Keen

    June 20 being the first day of summer, and thus the ‘official’ start of those lazy hazy days of summer, what better time to rest on my laurels — such as they are — and take it easy. The less said (and the more summer songs I can summon to save me the amount of work that went into my last post), the less strain on my brain to compose today’s post (if that rationale sounds like a reprise of a vaguely familiar theme, I did a celebration of spring songs on March 20 — the first day of spring — titled IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING).

    Excuse thus established, on with the show. Enjoy!

    And with that, my very fine feted friends (notice I didn’t say fine fetid friends), I declare that….

    • scifihammy 2:53 am on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Lovely post. I like the cat rescuing the fish! 🙂
      Enjoy your summer. – At the other end of the world, we are mid-winter!

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      • mistermuse 7:31 am on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you. I’ve heard of rescue dogs, but rescue cats? Sounds fishy to me — I’m thinkin’ maybe the cat was contemplating a snack but was so well fed that the fish swam away while the feline was still thinking about it! 🙂

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        • scifihammy 8:34 am on June 20, 2016 Permalink

          I don’t know what goes on in a cat’s head! Maybe it just thought it didn’t look right, so fixed it. 🙂 Also, I thought it was a clockwork fish! 😀

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    • arekhill1 10:35 am on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I’m in La Paz, where it’s summer until about December and some years longer. Suits me perfectly.


    • mistermuse 11:51 am on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Scifihammy, I must confess I’ve never heard of a clockwork fish, but I am familiar with A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (both the movie and the fruit). I recommend you get only the juice of the latter (like MINUTE Maid), otherwise you may have a hard time digesting the clockwork. 🙂


    • Cynthia Jobin 9:31 pm on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I especially like that one-man barbershop quartet. I always enjoyed singing in an a cappella quartet, and now I think that if I were still young (and technology savvy) I would definitely want to try to pull-off something like that. I don’t know if I could do four voices, but three would certainly be possible. I could be a one-woman Andrews Sisters!

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      • mistermuse 10:27 pm on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        As good as the Andrews Sisters were, I prefer their ‘jazzier’ predecessors The Boswell Sisters, who were from New Orleans & disbanded in 1935. Here they are in a scene from a 1934 film singing a song titled ROCK & ROLL before there was such a thing as rock & roll!

        As for barbershop quartets — here’s a great scene from the 1949 Judy Garland film MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS:

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    • RMW 5:13 pm on June 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Always a sucker for a cat video, I like to imagine he was indeed rescuing the poor thing rather than thinking about dinner.

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    • mistermuse 8:41 pm on June 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I’d like to think so too, RMW….or, if not rescuing, just too well fed and/or lazy to pursue the matter fur-ther.

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  • mistermuse 6:25 pm on July 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    We’re all familiar with (and many of us, disgusted by) partisan gridlock in politics. It seems as if politicians are so wedded to their positions that they are incapable of getting together to even attempt solutions, much less achieve any. Fortunately, all is not lost.

    Yes, friends, the key to getting cooperation is as simple as ice cream. Listen up:


    So, if bickering school board members can get their act together, why not Republicans and Democrats? It’s simply a matter of sending Professor Harold Hill to Washington to sweet talk opposing members of Congress into forming Barbershop Quartets, and pretty soon the whole House will be harmonizing their hearts out….from there, can national non-partisanship  and world peace be far behind?

    And what better day to start than July 13, Barbershop Music Appreciation Day, in honor of the hallowed tradition of Barbershop quartet singing started in 19th Century American barbershops. Mister Jefferson Lord, Play That Barbershop Chord!


    • arekhill1 6:35 pm on July 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve never heard a barbershop quartet attempt it, Sr. Muse, but the Billy Preston hit from the seventies, “Nothing from Nothing” would convey the spirit of these pols towards compromise.


    • mistermuse 7:09 pm on July 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      If that’s the case, Gershwin must have written “I Got Plenty Of Nothin’, and Nothin’s Plenty For Me” as the pols’ theme song.


    • Don Frankel 6:44 am on July 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Of course they’re all angry as the stakes are high. Whoever wins gets to spend a few trillion on their buddies. I know that sounds cynical but remember the cynic is the guy who realizes he’s being lied to.


    • mistermuse 9:21 am on July 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      One good theme song deserves another:



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