Back on June 11, when I was closing in on the tenth of what was originally to be a ten-post series on Golden Age vocalists, I indicated that I’d probably extend the series because I hadn’t yet gotten to a number of singers who warrant an encore, notably Lady Day (Billie Holiday). Now, five posts later, and still no Billie. Mea culpa. On the other hand, I have no regrets — the best time to feature Lady Day is any day….and any old time:

As a side note to the above clip, it’s the only time (July 24, 1938) she recorded with Artie Shaw (who wrote the song) and His Orchestra….though she did make a number of non-recorded appearances with his band around that time. And, speaking of no regrets….

I close with a question many of us may have asked ourselves at one time or another….

Have a great Holiday.