February 15 seems a particularly appropriate date for the promised follow-up to my last post (I GOT QUESTIONS), as it is the birthday of two great Golden Age of Popular Music composers whose legacy of quality tunes includes several “question songs.”

The first of these composers is a man most of us over the age of ?? have heard of: Harold Arlen, who, along with lyricist Yip Harburg, wrote the score of the perennial film classic THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939), as well a host of other all-time standards. The following, one of his lesser-known songs, is from the 1948 film CASBAH, sung here by crooner Tony Martin in a scene from the movie, which also stars Peter Lorre and Yvonne de Carlo:

Our other birthday composer, equally as prolific as the first, is, sadly, little-remembered today: Walter Donaldson. Who could forget this scene from SUZY (1936), starring Jean Harlow and ‘guess who’ singing this memorable Walter Donaldson song:

Did you guess who ‘guess who’ is? If you guessed Jimmy Stewart, you’re absolutely….wrong. It’s none other than Cary Grant, looking good in his WWI French aviator uniform….and not sounding bad either.

For my final “question” selection, I turn to a more recent (1969) song which asks a question most of us have asked ourselves at some point:

Feb. 15 also being Presidents Day, we might ask the above question of King (aka ex-President) Trump. We all know what Your Highness would NOT like: Doing the Rest of Your Life behind bars. After all, it’s not as if THE WAY YOU WERE were a wheeler-dealer of MAGA misdemeanors. High crimes? That’s another question entirely.