A few days ago

— a dreamy old, half-remembered song did a reprise in my head, where, before I knew it…. Well, before I get ahead of myself, perhaps I should let you know the title of the song in question:

This clip, from the 1933 film SITTING PRETTY starring Ginger Rogers (consider yourself a Golden Age movies fan if you recognized her), is typical of elaborately staged song-and-dance scenes in 1930s musicals. 1933 is also notable as the year Ginger was first paired with Fred Astaire in a film (FLYING DOWN TO RIO).

Getting back to “before I knew it,” there was an aftermath of one thing leading to another, and the above song had me thinking about other title-question songs, of which there were more than a few in those Depression era days. It then became a question of how many such songs are too many for one post….so I’ll do just one more for now: the unforgettable Great Depression anthem….

Brother, if you can spare the time, I’ll be back next post with one more round of questioning songs.