As a long-standing spouse,
I’d be lying if I say
That I am a louse….
At least, not every day.

As for MY spouse,
I can’t complain —
She may ruffle and grouse,
But at least, I’m still sane.

Now, you may say to me,
I’m just trying to be funny —
But what kind of bee would I be
Without my sweet honey?

But enough about my honey bee and me. Let’s see how other reasonably sane observers say (and sing) it:

It’s no disgrace for a woman to make a mistake in marrying — every woman does it.” –Ed Howe (And how — except, of course, for mistermuse’s wife)
The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds — they mature slowly.” –Peter De Vries
“What man sees in love is woman; what woman sees in man is love.” –ArsΓ¨ne Houssaye
“Life is full of troubles, and most of them are man-maid.” –Evan Esar
“Getting married, like getting hanged, is a great deal less dreadful than it has been made out.” -H.L. Mencken
A happy marriage is a long conversation that seems all too short.” –AndrΓ© Maurois