small TALK (with NOTES)

If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

I saw the above quote in (seriously) the comics section of this morning’s newspaper; hence, the idea of composing a post composed of songs composed by great composers of “small” songs”….but first (to help get you thinking small), a bit of small talk in the form of a few more “small” quotes:

Life is too short to be small.’ –Benjamin Disraeli
It’s the small things that annoy us: we can sit on a mountain, but not on a tack.” –Evan Esar
“In a small town, a rich man is respected, a great man suspected.” –George Bernard Shaw

And now for the (musical) notes, starting with a song sung by a big lady with a ‘small’ voice and a great feel for the lyrics:

Next, we have a seemingly ‘tipsy’ Jack Teagarden singing a song about a little man (no, not the little man too long in the White House) who wasn’t there in the wee small hours of the morning:

We leave you with a song about a (‘too-big-for-its-britches’?) world in need of a shrink: