Dear Pathetic President Trump,
On your way out the door,
Don’t let it hit you in the rump
’cause you’re already a sore

Loser….to say the very least.
What’s more, to ignore what we’re seeing
Is to deny to God by Judas Priest….
That you’re also a Pathetic human being.

Five years ago, when Donald Trump was running for President, everyone knew (or should have known, even if they refused to face it) what kind of person he was. Now, time has confirmed the obvious and revealed the depths to which a devil can descend, taking his believers with him — while the rest of us can only throw up our hands, shake our heads, and intone….

I was going to title this post GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH, but GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT seems marginally less vituperative (not that the Trash Man deserves any more consideration than he gives). So I’ll just let it go at that….with this: