January 9 is PLAY GOD DAY and, coincidentally, the birthday of Richard Nixon (who, until Donald Trump came along, was the God-playingest President in American history). But I’ll leave playing God to God (and to his White House imposters), because I bring up said holy day solely as a pretex: a lead-in to what I really want to play, which is music. It may not be the most heavenly music in the world, but Holy Smoke, can’t you take a…

Speaking (or singing) of taking a joke — come on now. Admit it. Isn’t it….

OK, it may be fun to be fooled in fun things — but it’s another thing when millions of people are fooled by a fool who plays God with people’s lives, democratic principles, and truth itself. Trump must, and will, go January 20 by vote of the people (sooner by impeachment, if there’s any justice in this country), but will TRUMPISM go with him? You’ve got to be kidding — but God forbid it should ever be allowed to force itself upon us again. In this regard, I have….