Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.” –Aldous Huxley

If Huxley were alive in these Trumpian times, he would likely amplify — after observing Trump (not to mention his supporters) — “the truth shall make you stark raving mad.” And if Huxley knew Jack about Don, he would no doubt direct his dialectic even more directly:

What else could account for Trump’s (and his lunatic fringe’s) interminably fallacious/hellacious reaction to Joe Biden’s decisive victory in the Presidential election? Truly, this is….

We have long known that, for The Donald, truth is whatever serves his purpose. What we didn’t fully realize, truth be told, is how easily he would hypnotize many voters into being blind believers in, and swallowers of, anything and everything Trump asserts. It doesn’t matter that Trump’s reality is illusion. When millions of people are that gullible and shallow-thinking — well, let’s just say we’ve seen this movie before:

“The liberty granted by democracy gives tyrants the power of illusion over the masses. Plato and Joseph Goebbels, the Reich minister of propaganda, were both enemies of democracy, Plato because he thought it was too likely to be exploited by people such as Goebbels. There are differences between Plato’s conception of democracy and the Weimar Republic. It is nevertheless plausible to take Plato as drawing our attention to Goebbels point. The risk is too great that someone who is in fact a towering despot will represent himself as a protector of the people and seize power. Freedom of speech, especially public political speech, cannot be restricted in a democracy. But the unrestricted use of propaganda is a serious threat to democracy.” –Jason Stanley, Professor of Philosophy

It appears that the would-be despot has been foiled this time, thanks to those who have called out Trump for what he is, and to the courts of the land (including the conservative-majority Supreme Court) which have dismissed his bogus claims for what they are. But we are playing with fire. We must NEVER elect another Trump to lead this nation.