Recall, if you will, that my last post included a clip of the song CRY BABY CRY in ‘honor’ of the biggest crocodile tears-shedding American demigod since Richard Nixon (in his 1962 Goodbye)….

But at least Nixon knew when he was beat — unlike the current loser who, along with his cabal of scorpions, seem bent on taking us frogs down with them:

The moral of the story is as clear as an Aesop fable: we are what we are, no matter the cost to ourselves or to the welfare of others. As the President of The Call to Justice Foundation, Stephanie J. Jones, said prior to the November election:

“Your vote for Trump makes you complicit in everything he says and does, even the parts you don’t like. Your support expands what might otherwise be an impotent sliver of support into the critical mass he needs to maintain the power to continue injecting his racism and cruelty into government policy and threatening the rights of millions of your fellow Americans.”

So: is simple ignorance the reason so many people vote against their own (and others’) best interests?

“People can make themselves believe just about anything, as thousands of years of ritual sacrifice and snake dances confirm. Trump the salesman has always known this, either instinctively or as the result of his first successful con. Once a bluffer tastes the sweet satisfaction of scamming a sucker — one’s born every minute, you know — he can’t stop. Once The Donald realized people would buy his brand of unction, he couldn’t resist. Though never ideologically driven, he did surround himself with ideologues as helpmates. Or were they the biggest suckers of all?” –Kathleen Parker, syndicated columnist

Let’s face it. Most people are not deep thinkers, and many people aren’t even curious thinkers, unwilling or incapable of questioning much of what they “buy.” More’s the pity….and less the hope for our future.

It’s almost enough to make one cry.