A few of my favorite things are words
Such as these (seen following the song):
Some are down to earth; others soar like birds….
But none (to the right eyes) are bound to sound wrong.

In a comment to my last post, what to my wondering eyes should appear….but one of my favorite words (rapscallion) said by a master of the bon mot, Masercot, whose blog is worth following to the ends of the mirth. “Rapscallion” isn’t a word you hear every day, so lo and behold my surprise last night when it came up again in a movie I was watching on TCM (7 FACES OF DR. LAO).

Thus (thanks to Masercot and Dr. Lao) was born the idea for this post of some of my favorite words, complete with daffynitions. Degust!

degust enjoy
rapscallion scamp, rascal
snickersnee a short sword or heavy knife
gorda an obese woman or heavy wife
sockdolager a lollapalooza
lollapalooza a lollipop that’s licked before it starts
hominoid a human with hemohrroids
trumpery the tangled web a debased President doth leave when he doth practice to deceive
tittynope crumbs left on a plate (not to be confused with keep your hands to yourself)

And now, the word you’ve all been waiting for….

….which leaves me at a loss for more.