Today, one of the bloggers I follow (Pam Lazos, Green Life Blue Water) published a timely post titled “Actually Vote!!” which included this clip….

….to which I commented with the poem which follows. Not having anything else in mind for my next (this) post, I thought I’d double down and save my brain the strain of winging it with something above and beyond what’s below (I filled out and mailed in my ballot days ago, so that’s enough exertion to last me until after the election). Thanks, Pam, for the inspiration.

“Let’s make it trendy” is all well and good —
But why not vote BECAUSE WE SHOULD?
‘Following the crowd’ is no more than Trump voters do;
Doing what’s RIGHT trumps the thoughtless “me too.”
There’s nothing wrong with being birds of a feather —
But let’s join the flock ’cause we’re all in this together.