Yesterday I got to thinking about what I might WHAT (Write Humorously About Today), and — in a word — it’s ACRONYMS. Without acronyms, who knows how long LOL (Life On Learth — pardon my French) could survive? Of course, Americans could raise similar questions about life in TC, because without TRUMP, how could life in Trump Country go on? Perhaps, by listening to ROT (Rainbow On Tap) and electing to think positive, in eight days we will find out if the inhabitants of TC can survive DOOM (Disaster Of Own Making):

Meanwhile, BATS (Back At The Sesspool), if you can Trump these acronyms, feel free to DIANA (Dive In Anytime, No Admission):

MAGA (Morons Are Governing America)
POLITICS (Purely Outright Lies Intended To Infest Common Sense)
POTUS (President Of The Unsavory Scruples)
TRUMP (Twisted Racist Unqualified Malicious Prick)
WTH? (Where’s The Humanity?)