In case you were wondering how I came up with the title of my previous post (THE WILDE MAN OF BORN-TO-GO), I blame having sunk to a whole nother level of wordplay, inspired by a century-plus old sideshow act called THE WILD MAN OF BORNEO — which in turn was turned into a 1941 film:

I haven’t seen the film before, and (based on the above review) I’m not wild about seeing it now….but for what it’s worth, here is the film’s trailer:

So let’s move on. Just as there are times when one thing leads to a nother, there are times when one thing leads to an otter:

Now that’s what I call otterly charming.

In otter news, eight otters were arrested for stealing cars in Otterwa, the capitol of Canada. Convicted of grand theft otter, they escaped as they were being sent up the river. Personally, I couldn’t give a dam, and my readers probably couldn’t either, but no doubt it played well with otters.

I assume you’ve suffered enough, so I’ll stop here (unless you let me know otterwise).