I am one of those increasingly rare and slowly-becoming-extinct creatures who still gets the local newspaper delivered to his home each morning, usually reading it spread out on the kitchen table (the newspaper, not me) while eating breakfast. I read some parts of the paper more thoroughly than others, but usually give LETTERS TO THE EDITOR just a cursory glance….unless a letter’s heading arouses my interest and incites a reading. Today, one such heading did just that, and the letter (in response to another writer’s letter) so perfectly expressed what I feel that I want to share it with my readers:

Yes, Trump is our leader, but we don’t follow him blindly

Regarding the letter, “We’re all on one team with one captain and one objective” (March 28): [that writer] wrote we need to “put aside our political hatred” and follow our “captain” (President Donald Trump) in this coronavirus crisis, as [that writer] did when he played football.
But what if your captain had never even played before and said, “I don’t believe you all need helmets. The other team is a hoax. The scorekeepers are the enemies of the people. This game will be two quarters, then we’ll get back to work. Don’t listen to my coaches. I’m a football genius.”
Would you still follow him blindly?

I will close here, since the letter speaks for itself. I only hope it speaks to you.