In this follow-up to my previous post, rather than go into a more detailed history which might bore those with only a passing interest in classic jazz and pop music of the period, I’ve decided to stick to clips of the era’s all-girl bands, with minimum commentary.

Some of you may recall that I once published a post with a clip of Jimmy Stewart, of all people, singing. Here’s a clip of an all-girl band featuring a vocal by another actor you’ve probably never heard sing:

Speaking of “never heard,” here’s an all-girl band even I had never heard before:

Last but luscious, jazz writer George T. Simon called this gal “Without a doubt, the sexiest of all the big bandleaders….waving her baton in a languorous, seductive sort of way [and] weaving her torso in her magnificent, undulating manner,” INA RAY HUTTON (if you were hoping for more, stay tuned for the announcement at the close of the clip):



  1. scifihammy says:

    Gosh! No I never have heard Alan Ladd sing before; and very well too! My Mum used to like him.
    Lovely to hear some more girl bands. Thank you 🙂

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  2. Carmen says:

    Good stuff, Mistermuse!

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  3. Carmen says:

    The trumpet player at 1:00, that is. 🙂

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  4. Don Frankel says:

    “Come back Shane! Come back!” Who knew he could sing? And, I’m kind of liking Ina Ray Hutton. I’m not sure she’s doing anything to call attention to herself. She’s just hot.


  5. mistermuse says:

    One of these days when I have nothing better to do (?), I should do some research to try to find clips of other “Golden Age” actors/actresses singing who nobody knew could sing. Or I could just do a post of me singing, and lose all my readers. 😦


  6. Don Frankel says:

    I think that’s a great idea Muse and no you wouldn’t lose any of your readers. Certainly not me.

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  7. mistermuse says:

    I dig the Supremes, Ricardo, though I don’t exactly dig that particular song. Maybe I’m just too particular.


  8. Ms. Mae says:

    Love Jazz!
    Love the all girls band.
    Makes this ChUnKy Gal smile for sure.

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  9. such great clips – and such great music. continue…

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