“Sex is sacred,”
some humans say —
but they still do
it anyway.

Why they do so
beats us above….
They’re not, you know,
so easy to love.

Yet angels know
man needs no shove,
dreams you’d be so….
How does it go?

Oh, yes! It’s — so….



4 comments on “ANGELS HAVE EYES

  1. arekhill1 says:

    Humans may be hard to love, Sr. Muse, but they’re easy to fuck. Many a song has been written about that, too.

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    • mistermuse says:

      Unfortunately, even Cole Porter couldn’t get away with writing a song titled “Easy To Fuck” (though he did write one called “Love For Sale”). I guess that’s why he settled instead for “”Easy To Love.” Even so, the puritanical Hayes Office censored the lyric “so sweet to awaken with” in the Jimmy Stewart clip.


  2. Don Frankel says:

    While this does not belong here musically, it just makes a point about how someone can look like an angle, talk like an angel and yet…

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    • mistermuse says:

      Don, I’ll see your DEVIL IN DISGUISE and “raise” you one with ANGEL IN DISGUISE, which was written in 1940 and became a Marine favorite in the Pacific theater in WWII:

      P.S. The vocalist is Ann Sheridan from the soundtrack of IT ALL CAME TRUE (1940) (among her co-stars in the film was Humphrey Bogart).


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