The first three posts in this series have been monopolized by guys, so what…do you say we turn to the gals for amusement? What a muse meant by that remark is more songs of the same type, but with ladies leading the way — as with this girl-before-boy title tune:

Beatrice Kay (1907-86), for the benefit of those who have never been to She-boy-gan, Paducah, Elmira, or Tacoma, was a NYC-born singer specializing in parodies of songs which, in some cases, have seen better days — but then, haven’t we all?

The quarrel of the story is that no matter what depths of depravity women fall into, men are to blame for it all (with the possible exception of mistermuse’s male followers). Therefore….

So, men, let us close by resolving to resist lady fingers, she’s-cake and all other such she-nanigans (no matter how tempting), O-Kay? However, this does not mean that Part 04 is the end of this series. If that’s what you were thinking, I have news for youse guys: it’s not over until the fat lady sings. You’ll have to wait 4 Part 05 be4 that happens.


4 comments on “JAZZ FOR LAUGHS (PART 04)

  1. Don Frankel says:

    Muse, you’ve brought another great talent out of the mist. Ms Beatrice Kay was not just a wonderful singer she was an actress. She was in a lot of those old TV shows we watched and I must have seen her in those old westerns.

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    • mistermuse says:

      Don, I remember her singing the MENTION MY NAME IN SHEBOYGAN song when the record first came out because I thought it was very funny and she sang it so well. I especially like the line “I know the big-shots in their city hall — they’ve even got my picture on the post office wall,” which harkens back to the days when posters with photos of most wanted men (by the FBI, as I recall) adorned the walls of post offices everywhere (even in those old westerns).

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  2. THANK YOU for this introduction to Beatrice Kay. I’ve not heard of her before, but I became an instant fan. A previous commenter says she was in old Westerns, and I’ll have to keep a lookout for her.

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