He picked up the lemons that Fate had sent him and started a lemonade stand. –Elbert Hubbard, American author and philosopher, 1915

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Man can indeed make lemonade out of lemons, but is just as prone to do the reverse — for example, when a relationship turns sour. Such is life, my son. Wait a minute….I don’t have a son. Anyway — whoever you are, nowhere is love-gone-wrong more poignantly expressed than in rainy regrets captured in song, as rendered here by three of the most expressive singers in popular music history:

In my previous post last week, I might have asked Mother Nature this question:

Finally, it is right as the rain that the last of our three songs be sung by the one and only Ella Fitzgerald, who was born on this day (April 25, 1918):

NOTE: Stormy Weather was composed by Harold Arlen, who also composed the 1944 show tune Right as the Rain and many other all-time standards.


16 comments on “IT’S RAINING MUSIC, SON

  1. calmkate says:

    Wow three of my favourite performers, well selected!

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  2. linnetmoss says:

    Ah, the great Harold Arlen–how about “Come Rain or Come Shine”?

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  3. Wonderful songs. But I could do without the rain!

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  4. Don Frankel says:

    Muse you’re three for three today. I didn’t have that particular recording of Billie Holiday but I do now. Thank you.

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  5. arekhill1 says:

    Where’s “Rainy Night in Georgia?” Oh, here it is:

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    • mistermuse says:

      Thanks for this Ray Charles classic, Ricardo. Here’s another outstanding rendition of the song by Brook Benton, one of my favorite singers of the sixties (it was his last major hit):


  6. Garfield Hug says:

    Mistermuse…thank you! So apt and descriptive of my lemony life thus far😉

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  7. BroadBlogs says:

    In California rain is looking more like lemonade than lemons after five years of drought.

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    • mistermuse says:

      The funny thing about California’s weather is that there are enough different climates for half-a-dozen states, due to its length (770 miles from Mexican border to Oregon border) and topography (from 14,500 ft. above sea level at Mt. Whitney to -279 ft. below sea level at Badwater Basin in Death Valley). Thus. there can be a drought in one area at the same time it’s pouring in another.

      But generalizing about California’s weather apparently didn’t bother Lorenz Hart when he wrote this lyric: “hates California — it’s cold and it’s damp; that’s why The Lady Is A Tramp.” He obviously had San Francisco in mind, to the exclusion of LA LA LAND!


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