I think, therefore I am. –René Descartes

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You will (hopefully) recall that my last post, STONE COLD DEAD, featured some of my favorite epitaphs published 4 years ago on SWI (a blog due to bite the dust in November). Ah, but the best laid plans….  The SWI editor announced on 9/1 that he would now need to pull the plug first thing on Sept. 6; thus today becomes SWI’s last full day on this earth.

This sudden passing prompts me to salvage another of my previously published posts from that body of work: a poem which poses a question I believe naturally arises out of STONE COLD DEAD. Unlike that post, it ain’t funny, but perhaps the poem’s saving grace is that what it lacks in humor, it makes up in brevity. It’s the least I can do on Labor Day.


Are the faithful
dead better positioned
to be saved
than those who
lived with doubt?
Even a God
can’t help being
what He thinks.




22 comments on “SET IN STONE

  1. painkills2 says:

    Saved from what? After you’re dead, no one can save you. But if this is about hell, then I don’t want to be saved — that’s where all the fun people go. 🙂

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  2. mistermuse says:

    Think of this poem as if it were written by an agnostic. Then the question becomes: If there is a God and an afterlife, is He any more morally fit to judge you than you are to judge Him? If there is no afterlife, it’s irrelevant whether or not there is a God, because we will never know either way.

    I might add that the God(s) of religions and myth only muddy the waters of how to think about this whole business of a possible Creator. The word “God” itself seems to me to be an impediment to rational thinking about life and all that it may imply.

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  3. mistermuse says:

    They say it takes one to know one, so you’re a “nice one” too. 🙂


  4. “God is dead.” —Nietzsche, 1883

    “Nietzsche is dead.” —God, 1900

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  5. mistermuse says:

    “We’re all dead.” –Kismet, sooner or later 😦

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  6. arekhill1 says:

    Yes, death is the ultimate way of fitting in.

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  7. mistermuse says:

    I’d call it forced integration God’s way….except for Christians, who make Book on to a different afterlife divide: heaven or hell.


  8. Don Frankel says:

    All things come to an end but nothing really dies on the internet. It just spins somewhere throughout the universe. And, since we’re doing some oldies I can’t help but recall once again my favorite Epitaph on a Tombstone in Tombstone.

    Here Lies Lester Moore
    4 slugs from a .44
    No Les
    No More

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  9. carmen says:

    I can never think about this topic (death) without this song running through my mind. I heard it for the first time when I was a teenager and it has stuck in my head ever since. Like this post, it’s remarkable for its brevity.

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  10. BroadBlogs says:

    I don’t know why God would punish our authenticity. Job is an interesting book to read on this topic.

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  11. mistermuse says:

    Well, this subject would take an entire post to address in depth, including (for starters) whether or not one accepts the story of Job as having a basis in reality. For atheists and agnostics, it’s a non-starter to begin with, because if you disbelieve or doubt that God exists, Job is meaningless. Personally, as a deist who believes in a Creator but not the so-called “revealed God” of most religions, it is not my job to take Job seriously (pun intended).


  12. mistermuse says:

    You would never guess from that photo what the girl is actually saying to the pope: “Ubi possum potiri petasi similis isti?” (“Where can I get a hat like that?”)

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  13. carmen says:

    . . .and he’s probably saying, “Go now and spin no more”. . 🙂

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  14. mistermuse says:

    No doubt Jim Beam had something to say about it too, but it looks like the pope is keeping it close to his vest-ments.

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