Today is the birthday of a VERY SPECIAL MISS in the lives of mister & missus muse ….and, a very SPECIAL BIRTHDAY as well, for it’s Molly’s sixteenth. Yes, by golly, Miss Molly turns sweet sixteen today, and if I do say so, no sweeter girl has ever turned sixteen — and I do say so, because she has been part of our lives each and every one of those years. But little did we know this would be the case on June 5, 2000, when our next-door neighbor brought her into the world.

We had just moved into the neighborhood nine months before Miss Molly arrived. Not long thereafter, during a get-together at our house, Molly’s parents asked us a question. Our answer would turn out to lead to enriching the rest of our lives: they asked us if we would take care of Molly on weekdays while they were at work. Although retired, we had plenty to keep us busy….but we said yes, and the rest is her story. Before we knew it, she became the ‘grandchild’ we didn’t have, just as close and dear to us as if she were our own.

Those first pre-school years remain particularly cherishable (if that’s a new word, there’s no extra charge) as she grew from babyhood and toddlerhood into the little girl I played games (and yes, dolls) with for hours. What an old softy she made of me! On 3/17/04 we began keeping track of her height (3’5″ tall) on a basement wall; the last of many such lines on that wall is dated 3/16/15 (5’4″) — a mark, you might symbolically infer, of how she continued to grow on us as the years slipped by.

After she started school, she and her older brother were with us for only a few hours after school each day during the school year, but in summer, it was back to full-time grandparenting, including outings to parks, miniature golf, and other venues. Now, all of a sudden, her brother is on active duty in the military, she is taking driving lessons, and I’m a veteran of sizing up Happy 16th Birthday cards, seeking just the right one. Time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂

I would show pix of Miss Molly but, considering I haven’t told her I was writing this post, that’s not in the cards without her OK. So I hope that instead of a picture being worth a thousand words, in this instance only 421 words will be worth a picture….or perhaps (with love) just four words:



38 comments on “MISS MOLLY SPECIAL

  1. leggypeggy says:

    What a wonderful post and what a wonderful experience you’ve had being ‘grandparents’ to Molly.

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  2. Carmen says:

    Those lucky children! :). Beneficial relationship all the way ’round! They do grow up, eh?

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  3. scifihammy says:

    What a wonderful story! 🙂 And how marvellous to be adoptive grandparents all this time.
    Happy Birthday to Miss Molly 🙂

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  4. This is a heart touching experience with Miss Molly. Read the title and my first thought was the song Good golly MISS MOLLY performed by James Brown and other rock n roll stars. I liked your story very much. It showed us the paternal side if you.

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    • mistermuse says:

      Thank you. I also was reminded of GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY. As for my paternal side, Miss Molly brought (and still brings) it out naturally — all I had to do was let it happen. How could I resist? 🙂

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  5. Don Frankel says:

    Funny I thought immediately of Good Golly Miss Molly but then I sort of remembered and looked up the lyrics. Not right for the occasion. Just little too suggestive. But Happy Birthday Molly and God Bless.


  6. Joseph Nebus says:

    Aw, congratulations to her!

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  7. Richard Cahill says:

    Best birthday wishes to your grandchild, Sr. Muse. May she grow up to be beautiful and wise.


  8. mistermuse says:

    Thank you, my friend. If I may expand upon your good wishes: May she grow up to be what she already is.

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  9. This is really sweet. I’m sure you’ve meant as much to her as she has to you. Being surrounded by loving and supportive adults is a gift to any child 😀 Happy b-day to Molly!

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  10. mistermuse says:

    Thank you again, Michaeline. May your daughters, granddaughter and great granddaughter continue to bring you joy….as well as your great great granddaughters to come! 🙂


  11. That’s awesome! Happy birthday to Molly! 🍰🎂🍧🍦🍡

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  12. mistermuse says:

    Thanks for the comment….and the awesome emoticons!


  13. painkills2 says:

    It’s the year 2019, and President Trump has decreed that anyone creating new words must pay for the privilege. Since cherishable has 11 letters, that will be $11 million dollars, payable to Donald Trump Incorporated. (Did you hear that President Trump just purchased South America? It was a cash sale, so according to Decree #69, no taxes were incurred.) 🙂


  14. mistermuse says:

    Just seeing the words “President” and “Trump” combined is enough to ruin my day….but, for Molly’s sake, I forgive you. 🙂

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  15. RMW says:

    At first I thought this was going to be a dog or a cat but when you said 5’4″ I thought maybe a giraffe? What a wonderful experience for you and your “grandchild.” Not everybody would want to take on that responsibility but seems like it worked out all around!

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  16. mistermuse says:

    Molly may not be a dog or cat, but she certainly is a ‘dear’ – and I’m just a (not so) big teddy bear where she’s concerned! 🙂

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  17. BroadBlogs says:

    Happy sweet 16th to Miss Molly!

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  18. eths says:

    Lovely story and what a wonderful way to exchange love.

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  19. mistermuse says:

    Thank you. Like the old song says,
    What the world needs now
    is love, sweet love….


  20. Garfield Hug says:

    So lovely of mister and missus muse to take on “grand parenting” – you are like her host grand parents! Happy birthday to miss Molly and blessings on you both for the love and friendship you give her😊

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  21. restlessjo says:

    What a lovely tribute to her. Long may you enjoy your ‘grandchildren’. 🙂

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  22. mistermuse says:

    Thank you. I hope to enjoy them for at least another 16 years, by which time I’ll probably be too old to enjoy anything else. 🙂


  23. inesephoto says:

    What a wonderful story! You and Miss Molly enriched each other’s life. It wasn’t a coincidence that you met sixteen year ago 🙂

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  24. A real village to raise a child! Lucky Miss Molly. I have two grown-up kids and have just become a grandmother. It’s a whole new experience.

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    • mistermuse says:

      It does indeed take a village to raise a child. If only more politicians would become part of that village by looking out for the interests of children as much as they look out for their own interests.
      P.S. Congrats on becoming a new grandmother!

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