What with one thing or another, almost the entire month of January has gone by, and I haven’t written a single post honoring any of the many august January holidays, such as:

Jan. 4  –  Trivia Day
Jan. 7  –  Old Rock Day
Jan. 9  –  Play God Day
Jan. 10 – Peculiar People Day
Jan. 16 – National Nothing Day
Jan. 21 – Squirrel Appreciation Day

So, in the spirit of BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, I will now try to make up for my oversight – at least in part – by assuring each holiday that being a part of one post beats being the whole of no posts. I’ll start with a trivia question in honor of Trivia Day:

Who originated the phrase, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER? (Hint: it wasn’t a, c, or d)

a. Barack Obama, in defending his late response to the spread of ISIL/ISIS
b. Geoffrey Chaucer, in The Canterbury Tales
c. Rip Van Winkle, in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
d. Michael Bloomberg, in planning a possible run for President as an independent

Old Rock Day – I’m no geologist, but isn’t all rock old? For example, it’s possible there’s big rock in Little Rock, but new rock? Though everything may be relative, no matter how you roll it, any rock worth its salt has to be eons older than Einstein….at least, that’s my theory. In any case, a rolling stone gathers no muse, but a Rolling Rock definitely does:


Play God Day, in my judgment, is redundant, because many ideologues and religious Grand Poobahs play God every day. So let us move on to the next day, which includes ideologues and Grand Poobahs, but is more broad.

Peculiar People Day – Spotlight broad, Sarah Palin. All others pale-in comparison.

National Nothing Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day – Here’s a squirrel I can not only appreciate, but appreciate even more the place where it makes its ending exit:

That does it for January make-up days, but the month isn’t over yet. We still have tomorrow to look forward to (or do we?):