If you were God, would you
really want the cantankerous,
know-it-all ex-dwellers of
planet Earth continuing to bedevil
each other ad infinitum as your
unable-to-get-along celestial guests
(assuming, of course, that you
have no doubt that You exist)?





  1. Thoughtful and clever post, mistermuse

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  2. arekhill1 says:

    Heaven is a gated community, Sr. Muse, where the gates are of the pearly variety. Consequently, you live eternally only with others in your socioeconomic strata. It would hardly be Heaven otherwise. Go to Purgatory if you want to mingle.


  3. mistermuse says:

    As an ex-Catholic, Purgatory is no longer an option. I would check to see if any other religions believe in Purgatory, but since I’m neither a mingler nor looking for a substitute religion, I think I’ll save myself the trouble.

    Anyway, I’m glad you don’t have to worry, Ricardo. I understand you already live in a gated community, so you’re all set.

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  4. Don Frankel says:

    I am that I am, if I am or is it I am what I am. Oh wait is that Popeye?

    Or maybe it is what you think it is. Or is it, it is what it is? I thought that last quote was Brian McNamee but it seems John Locke said it back in 1836 first. But then I always thought Arhnuld originated. “I’ll be back.” But I just caught John Wayne saying the other night in Fort Apache. Who can we trust or is it Whom?


  5. mistermuse says:

    Don, it’s been a while, but now that you mention it, I do seem to recall John Wayne saying “I’ll be back” in Fort Apache. And would you believe I remember John Locke back in 1836 saying whatever he said?

    Who said you get forgetful in your old age! OK, I don’t remember. Nobody’s perfect.


  6. Mél@nie says:

    with due respect, Sir, I do not believe in life after death, eventually in paradise… here’s a quote translated mot-à-mot:’Everything we do while sighing is stained by nothingness… All our thoughts keep on searching the key of a paradise whose gate is already open.'(The ruins of the sky – Christian Bobin)
    * * *
    one more I used as a motto in one of my blogposts:“Your daily life is your temple and your religion…”(Khalil Gibran)
    * * *
    jamais 2 sans 3… I totally agree with Louis Aragon:”Il est grand temps d’instaurer la religion de l’amour!” – “it’s time to establish the religion of LOVE!” – amen! 🙂

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  7. mistermuse says:

    Mel@nie, I can see how you might assume from my poem that I believe in life after death, but it would be just that: an assumption. In fact, I neither believe nor disbelieve in life after death. There may be exceptions, but generally speaking, what’s the point in believing OR disbelieving something that is humanly impossible to know? Actually, a number of my humorous poems (such as this one) attempt to show the absurdity of such a belief by taking it to one of its logical conclusions. I think humor works best when it not only amuses, but (hopefully) makes people think.

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