April 11 is Barbershop Quartet Day, a subject about which I wrote a notable and (if I do say so myself) astonishingly brilliant post a few years ago on another site. Un-four-tunately, said post is no longer to be found, so today, I was considering trying to rewrite it as best I could….but, then I thought that even thinking about trying to replicate so lovingly inspired a piece is too painful. It’s like, alas, the flame has fleed, love’s labor’s lost, and that is that. So let’s not talk about….

OK, then, what else should we not talk about, you ask? This post must not be something about nothing.  As a matter of non-fact, nothing is something — the only thing — I’m in the mood to talk about. So, with apologies to Cole Porter,

Let’s not talk about this,
And let’s not talk about that.
If talk starts to leak from our head,
Let’s keep it under our hat.

And if we run out
Of things not to say,
Let’s not talk about
Not talking today.

Above all, let’s not talk
About high-minded things
Like art and philosophy
And celebrity flings.

For silence is golden —
At least, so they say….
But when they say it,
The gold they must pay.

So let’s not talk about this,
And let’s not talk about that.
Let Lithuanians and Letts do it —
Let’s fall in love….but don’t chat.