February 27 is NO BRAINER DAY. I think, if the day only had a theme song, it would be:

For a be-careful-what-you-wish-for opinion, an “in the KNOW BRAINER might say this:

The brain is a thinking machine whose chief use is to find reasons to keep thinking as we already do. –-Evan Esar

Yet, what good is thinking if we can’t say what we think:

Should headstrong opinions ever be repressed?
‘twould be a shame to leave them unexpressed.
Relative thinking gets no respect from the majority;
To impress, you must express opinions with authority.

But let’s look at it scientifically:

Men’s minds are merely neurons;
Men’s brains are but computers.
Men’s eyes: brain switch-offs in the head
When activated by women’s hooters.


In my humble opinion, that’s enough to think about on NO BRAINER DAY. If you have an opinion, save it….unless it agrees with mine.