We should not play God before we have learned to be men, and as we learn to be men we will not want to play God. –Paul Ramsey, Christian ethicist

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According to, January 9 is PLAY GOD DAY. While not an official holiday (i.e., it’s not sanctioned by God, the President or Congress), it nonetheless should be one, as man has been playing God since emerging from the cave, if not before.

If you’re an atheist, you may well ask how man can play what doesn’t exist. Friends, if you think about it, it’s done all the time. In olden days B.F. (Before Film), a man could only play the Almighty in his own time, but since then, God-playing has not been confined to tyrants, despots, politicians and overlords. The invention of motion pictures has been a godsend to a man playing God even after the man is gone. God is not dead — like Frankenstein’s monster, it’s his own creation….and IT’S ALIVE! To wit:

Here is a list of films (including the actor/God)  in which man has played God. I do not proclaim it a complete list, nor have I seen but a few of the of the films on the list. What do you want for nothing? Remember, this is PLAY GOD DAY, so take it or leave it. I doubt God Itself ever made a better offer.

THE GREEN PASTURES (1936), Rex Ingram
THE BIBLE (1966), John Huston
SKIDOO (1968), Groucho Marx
OH, GOD! (1977), George Burns (plus two sequels: Oh, God! Book II, and Oh, God! You Devil)
TIME BANDITS (1981), Ralph Richardson
TWO OF A KIND (1983), Gene Hackman
NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR (1985), Ferdy Mayne
RELIGION, INC. (1989), George Plimpton
ALMOST AN ANGEL (1990), Charlton Heston
THE PRINCE OF EGYPT (1997), Val Kilmer
THE ACID HOUSE (1998), Maurice Roeves
DOGMA (1999), Alanis Morrissette (the first actress to play God?)
BRUCE ALMIGHTY (2003), Morgan Freeman
SUPER (2010), Rob Zombie


8 comments on “TODAY IS “PLAY GOD DAY”

  1. ladysighs says:

    Save me a place at the table. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don Frankel says:

    So as not to be sexist Muse.

    I guess we could say love is more wonderful the second time around.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mistermuse says:

    Ladysighs, we all have a place at the “end table,” so I don’t need to save you one. Beyond that, you’re on your own (apologies for the dark humor so early in the day)!


  4. mistermuse says:

    Love it, Don! Movie critics like Leonhard Maltin say “Bride” is one of the few sequels in movie history which is even better than the original, and the original was pretty damn good. This was great “camp” before the word “camp” became part of movie lexicon.


  5. arekhill1 says:

    I think a “Play Satan” list would be an interesting project for you, Sr. Muse. My personal favorite, for obvious reasons, is Elizabeth Hurley.


  6. mistermuse says:

    I’d “barely” heard of Elizabeth Hurley until you mentioned (and I Googled) her, Ricardo. It seems I’ve been missing a lot by not keeping abreast of things, celebrity-wise, in recent years….but I’m not Bedazzled enough to undertake another such project. I have too many books to read, too many football games to watch, too many naps to take, etc., etc., etc.


  7. Don Frankel says:

    You know even with all the stitches, the smock she’s wearing and the bad hairdo, she’s kind of hot.


  8. mistermuse says:

    I agree, Don. Bride was played by Elsa Lanchester, who was married in real life to actor Charles Laughton. Those who remember her only from much later films such as MARY POPPINS and MURDER BY DEATH would probably be amazed to learn it’s the same woman.


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