To quote from  a comment to my last post: “it’s an outlet. Use it.” If “it” was a reference to this blog as an outlet for the likes of my disenchantment with SWI’s editor, that’s how I did use it. But after mulling over that well-intended comment, I see where my lead-in to the previous post’s poems was seen by some as more than an outlet for artfully re-publishing deleted SWI poems; rather, it was seen as a failure to forgive, and time to get over it.

From my point of view, that disenchantment isn’t vindictiveness against the SWI editor. I don’t wish him ill. As I’ve said before, I forgive, but I can’t forget how this went down. I value relationships, whether personal or professional. If I overvalued that one, took it for Grant-ed and thought I deserved answers and the regard such relationships imply, that’s on me (as is the pun).

However, I agree that enough is enough. I enjoy writing “lead-ins” to introduce poems, quotes and other material I post, but from now on, “sour grapes” lead-ins are out. I won’t be free to mention editor Bob Grant. You’ll have to bribe me to say if poems I post here were previously published in SWI. Happy New Year.


Forgive me, please, my verse you’ve read —
Much better works are in my head….
But they’ll remain there
Until the brain there
Learns how to extract gold from lead.