A few months ago, I posted several poems here which, a few years ago, I’d posted on Speak Without Interruption. They were among many poems later Sacrificed Without Intuition by that site’s editor (expunged willy-nilly without my input). Now, I’m ringing in the New Year by giving new life to more of same, with apologies to the few of you who may have seen these in their former life. If you have, well, just….


Re hearses, I think
I’d just as soon not;
You see, the hearses
Lead to the death plot.

Beware of rehearses
For ye final fling,
And spare me the hearses
’til the real thing.


WAKE me when it’s over
(Re Joyce).




  1. mistermuse, i sympathize with the cruel expungation of your witty, punny poems. I am glad I used a simple “Copyright” on those poems I had worked on so diligently. I do enjoy reading your work again. Every day is an opportunity for me to relearn what I had read before. Especially when it seems that Father Time moves faster as the years go by too quickly. Be of stout courage, my Gentleman and a Scholar.


  2. mistermuse says:

    Thanks, Michaeline. I doubt that “Copyright” would’ve been considered and stopped SWI’s editor from deleting my poems in the way that he did….copyright’s primary purpose is to protect from plagiarism (a number of those poems were first published in little-read, but copyrighted, literary journals years ago).

    As an aside, I apologize for misspelling your name in my email reply to your Linkedin invitation. As I said in my reply, I’m sorry, but I’ve always declined such invitations (for personal reasons).


  3. arekhill1 says:

    I think it is time for you to forgive Bob, Sr. Muse. The man does not seem to have a vindictive or hateful bone in his body, unlike me, and I doubt the expungement of your work was his chief aim in obeying the commands of his server.


  4. Don Frankel says:

    “Wake me when it’s over…” Classic. Did you ever try to read that thing?

    I’m with Richard the IVth here. Who knows how he trimmed the site? It might have even been some kind of auto trimming and your stuff came up on the menu more than the others. I know I’ve said this before so don’t get mad, it’s an outlet. Use it.


  5. mistermuse says:

    I forgave Bob months ago, Ricardo, but I can’t forget (as I’ve informed him)….I’ve even maintained an open but limited exhange with him, including emailed holiday greetings.

    I agree he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, but his over-expungement of my work compared with others was clearly beyond coincidence (over half of my almost-500 posts deleted, none of M.C.’s 1,000 posts deleted, for example). Mean, no. Favoritism – what else would you call it?


  6. mistermuse says:

    Don, if it was some kind of auto trimming, he had every opportunity to let me know, but he never gave me a specific explanation. Actually, I think you had him pegged correctly months ago when you told me I gave him too much credit. He is not an editor in the sense that I was accustomed to, i.e., a literary magazine-type editor whose focus is the quality of the work submitted to him or her, and accepts or rejects submissions accordingly. In hindsight, I should’ve realized this sooner, but since he sought me out as a contributor, I didn’t realize that his kind of editor is a different animal.


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