Good writing’s an asylum of sanity
If we hope to have a clue.
When did the hubris of humanity
Become the best that we can do?

Yes, the world, it go to pot;
Life literate is shot.
O, woe is my bon mot….
Bon mort, and thanks a lot!!!

*(not to mention celebrity & political shlock)


8 comments on “CULTURE SHLOCK*

  1. arekhill1 says:

    I advise tranquility, Sr. Muse. The world is not worse than it was–there’s just more of us to complain about it.


  2. I agree that the world is not as bad as it was when we were younger. There are billions more people and life is just a more complicated. However, the poem is a good one, expressing your emotions well.


  3. mistermuse says:

    You guys may be right, but one of the prerogatives of being an old codger is believing in “the good old days.” Maybe they weren’t “the perfect old days,” but unlike me, they haven’t improved with age (ha ha), and civilization, if anything, seems even less civilized.


  4. Thanks a bunch for this “cheery message” misterscrooge. You did not notice that I paid you a compliment on your poem. Bah! Humbug! I am going to rat you out to your significant other also known as the better half. :- (


  5. mistermuse says:

    Actually, Michaeline, I paid you a compliment by not complimenting your compliment. By this, I mean that I put you on a level with Ricardo Cahill and Don Frankel, whose posts and comments I rarely compliment because they know(?) I appreciate them and what they do, without needing to say so – not unlike with my “better half,” who I seldom compliment for all she does (just kidding!). And before you rat to my better half, check out my comment to Cahill’s latest SWI post (HOME IS WHERE MY PILLS ARE) – the comment’s mushy last sentence should make up for any shortcomings on my part. If not, I will hold you personally responsible for any marital repercussions I suffer, such as having a wastebasket dumped on my head during our next difference of opinion.


  6. Don Frankel says:

    Shlock rocks. Or so they say. I could say there was a lot of Schlock when we were younger but then we were younger what did we know?


  7. mistermuse says:

    Don, at least you know you didn’t know Schlock when you were younger. I pity people who don’t “know” any more than they knew years ago.
    By the way, in case anyone cares, SHLOCK and SCHLOCK are both acceptable spellings – I chose SHLOCK for the post’s title because it’s closer to SHOCK (as in CULTURE SHOCK).


  8. Sorry, mistermuse, if I commited such abuse. Now I know not to look for a compliment in your book of poems. I am not a crook who would rat you out; I wouldn’t know where to start and I could not have the heart to betray a fellow poet. What you better half not knoweth is best for both of us.


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