If I had my druthers —
As would many others —
I would burn every cravat
From here to Mount Ararat.

As for tie manufacturers,
Save my neck, I would fracture theirs.
Why should man be a slave to what’s fashional?
It’s like it’s knot cool to be rational.


7 comments on “THE TIES THAT BIND

  1. arekhill1 says:

    Getting dressed up today, Sr. Muse?


  2. mistermuse says:

    Only if the Grim Reaper calls, Ricardo.


  3. mistermuse says:

    The previous comments remind me of the old joke about a dead atheist being all dressed up with nowhere to go. As a deist, I don’t know if I’m going anywhere, but it’s irrelevant because I’m opting for cremation, and to hell with “the ties that bind.”


  4. Don Frankel says:

    If you’re a deist you might as well get dressed because you might be going somewhere.

    I think I’ve worn a tie 3 or maybe 4 times in the last decade. I hate those things.


  5. mistermuse says:

    Don, I wouldn’t know whether to wear an asbestos suit or a tux with wings. But I’m with you regarding ties – I can’t think of anything more useless except maybe a battery-powered battery charger with batteries not included.


  6. Joseph Nebus says:

    I like to think I cut a great figure in a bow tie. I’m wrong, but it’s a figure at least. Maybe it’s somebody else I’m thinking of.


  7. mistermuse says:

    Joseph, I’d like to think it’s me you’re thinking of, but I neither cut a great figure nor wear a bow tie. But now that I think about it, I suppose a bow tie beats a regular tie, if only because it saves material.


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