After all the hard work I put into my last post, I thought I’d go for something easier this time around and poke fun at politicians.

On second thought, that’s too easy. Let’s see — what could I write about that’s neither too hard nor too easy? Religion? Nope — too hard. Fault-finding? Too easy. Finding fault with myself? Too hard. Hmmm. This isn’t going to be easy.

So, what to do? Wait a minute. Why didn’t I think of it before — what’s half-way between extremes like hard and easy? Medium, of course. I will make this a medium post — rare for me, and, with a modicum of good fortune, well done for you:

All my life I’ve been looking for a cheerful fortune teller, but I just can’t find that happy medium.

Cordelia has a problem, so she goes to see a fortune teller. She asks, “Austin and Martin are in love with me and both have proposed — who will be the lucky one?” The fortune teller looks at Cordelia and replies, “Austin will marry you, but Martin will be the lucky one.”

Fordelia goes to see a busy fortune teller, who tells her, “That will be $25 for one question.”
“That’s rather expensive, isn’t it?”

Fortune teller #1: “Lovely weather we’ve been having.”
Fortune teller#2: “Yes, it reminds me of the summer of  2019.”

Have you heard the one about the midget who, after being arrested for fradulent fortune telling, squeezed through the bars of her cell and escaped? Next day’s headline:

Prediction: The end is near.