I don’t see a Buick.
I don’t see a Ford.
I don’t see a Focus.
I don’t see Accord.

I don’t see much Insight.
I do see much Intrigue.
I don’t see Luv of neighbor.
I do see Avengers in league.

I see mental Midgets.
I see Mirages of peace.
I see Liberty Limited.
I see Rogues without cease.

I don’t see Escape
From Fury, Fits and conFusion,
Much less the ad Ventures
Of car wars on teleVision.

Where is the Oasis, the
Defender of Variant Vues….
& above all, where the Diablo
Are the Amigos of muse?


10 comments on “I DON’T SEE A BUICK

  1. arekhill1 says:

    Soy aqui, Senor Muse.


  2. mistermuse says:

    Gracias, Ricardo. Do I hear dos?


  3. We went to the cinema and saw the movie about the teenage mutant ninja turtles. I was surprised to see small children there with their parent( s.) The ninja fighting and the noise was very painful to watch and hear for me. I had to look away and cover my ears. Although there was little blood, the gravity and the length of the fighting was unbearable to me. Yet, all the kids cheered or laughed when the bad guy or the turles were mightly attacked and bounced around. Now I see the affect of this video game and all the games kids watch and play, and I do not mean teenagers. Clearly a good portion of the next generation will be more hostile and aggressive than the one we are dealing with now. A sad commentary on how many parents raise their children. On your poem, soy aquis, Senor Muse. Very revelant today.


  4. mistermuse says:

    Thanks, Michaeline. I think what you describe has already affected a generation or more, & is not just coming to the next generation. Hopefully, the human race will continue to muddle through, as it has always managed to do in spite of itself.

    For the benefit of those who may not “get” the start of this poem, the first line is from a Buick commercial which has been on TV almost as often as “breaking news” lately.


  5. Don Frankel says:

    We’re right here.


  6. mistermuse says:

    Uno….dos….tres — the Three Amigos have come to the rescue!


  7. Muse, I do know that more generations than the coming one has been affected by violence in the videos games, television and the movies. I was only refering to the bunch of children sitting in the audience with us. I am well aware of how much the world kids see affects their attitudes. In a way, I am glad I had only daughters to raise but during the 70’s the pop culture was “sex, drugs and rock n roll.” If I had sons, I might have had it easier or worse. I do not know but glad the girls are all over 30 years old now and on their own.


  8. mistermuse says:

    Thanks for the additonal comment, Michaeline. My wife and I have only had daughters as well, so I can relate.


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