On August 8, a piece was posted on SWI (Speak Without Interruption) titled 60+ Years of James Bond (007), which reminded me of a poem I’d posted on SWI a few years back. Today being the 50th anniversary of the death of Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming (5/28/08–8/12/64), it occured to me to revise and re-publish the poem here — especially considering that it was one of many posts purged in the SWI meltdown almost a year ago and no longer appears there.

According to Wikipedia, in the beginning Fleming envisaged that Bond would resemble [in appearance] the composer, singer and actor Hoagy Carmichael….therefore, as an “extra added attraction” (and as postscript to my previous post TODAY CAN SPEAK FOR ITSELF), the poem will be followed by a Soundies film of Hoagy singing his composition Lazy Bones.


Dames bond.
Dames bond in order to bond.
In order to relate (secrets?).
To navigate their pain.
To celebrate broad-based gain.
To advocate and proclaim.
To concentrate their aim.
To do what guys have done.

Guys bond.
Guys bond in order to do.
To do what guys have to do.
To play at war.
To play the game(s).
To play (or not) the dames —
Dames bound to bond James?
Hold on.

The guy who loved me
Is a spy — it’s in the book.
You know the One who wrote the Book?
Revelation. Plot twist.
You only think you know the One.
The One whose agents are everywhere.
The One whose clues lead nowhere.
It’s all so mysterious, so indecipherable.
How does it all end?

P.S.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXvX56WjhvY