Actually, this post is not about ME (as in “me, myself and I”) — it’s about ME, as in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Why this post, and why today? The reason is simple: August 8 is SEVERE ME AWARENESS DAY; my adult youngest daughter has severe ME, and she has asked that I use the occasion to call attention to the subject for her. Purpose? To spread knowledge of this affliction, because most people aren’t familiar with ME.

That’s not a pun — it’s a debilitating and (thus far) incurable disease which has left her unable to support herself or live unassisted for over 20 years. As if that’s not ill-fated enough….well, I’ll let these links do the explaining:

ME vs. CFS – They’re Not The Same!

They say it’s the thought that counts. If so, think of someone you love, with this disease. Then think of your loved one’s condition not being taken seriously by the medical establishment because “it’s all in your head” — as if any normal human being would choose to see his or her life’s desires and talents laid waste, in order to get out of working for a living and having a full, rewarding life.

What are they thinking?