We’re all familiar with (and many of us, disgusted by) partisan gridlock in politics. It seems as if politicians are so wedded to their positions that they are incapable of getting together to even attempt solutions, much less achieve any. Fortunately, all is not lost.

Yes, friends, the key to getting cooperation is as simple as ice cream. Listen up:

So, if bickering school board members can get their act together, why not Republicans and Democrats? It’s simply a matter of sending Professor Harold Hill to Washington to sweet talk opposing members of Congress into forming Barbershop Quartets, and pretty soon the whole House will be harmonizing their hearts out….from there, can national non-partisanship  and world peace be far behind?

And what better day to start than July 13, Barbershop Music Appreciation Day, in honor of the hallowed tradition of Barbershop quartet singing started in 19th Century American barbershops. Mister Jefferson Lord, Play That Barbershop Chord!