I found that there is only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.  –Rodney Dangerfield

God Himself could not sink this ship.  –Deckhand on the Titanic

I see no good reasons why the views given in this volume should shock the religious sensibilities of anyone.  –Charles Darwin, preamble to THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES

Moral systems are devised not to make life difficult, not to forbid pleasure, but to protect human beings from other human beings.  –Rev. Andrew Greeley

I tell you, cocaine isn’t habit forming. I know, because I’ve been taking it for years.  –Tallulah Bankhead

Live and learn.  –Old proverb

I think we agree, the past is over.  –George W. Bush (to John McCain)

I often think how much easier the world would have been to manage if Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini had been to Oxford.  —Lord Halifax

Gaiety is the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union.  –Josef Stalin

Once you’ve seen one ghetto, you’ve seen them all.  –Spiro Agnew, former Governor and Vice President

It’s so bad being homeless in winter. They should buy a plane ticket and go somewhere hot like the Caribbean where they can eat free fish all day.  –Lady Victoria Harvey

We shall never make war except for peace.  —President William McKinley

I thank you for your very kind attention from the bottom of my post.  –mistermuse