that today is the birthday of the man who helped save the world from chaos — or KAOS, to be exact (missed it by that much). I refer to none other than Maxwell Smart, AKA Agent 86, AKA Don Adams, star of the great 1960’s TV spy spoof series Get Smart. But then, how could a comedy series created and written by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry not be great?

Adams proved to be the perfect choice for the part, winning three Emmy Awards for his role alongside co-star Barbara Feldon,  his partner (Agent 99) at the U.S. Intelligency Agency, CONTROL. Among his many catch-phrases, perhaps the best-remembered is “Sorry about that, Chief” whenever he screwed up or irritated his boss, the “Chief” (Edward Platt). Others included “Would you believe ….”, “Missed it by that much” and “Ah, the old ____ in the ____ trick.”

For those of you old enough to have seen Get Smart, the following clips should bring back choice memories and more than a few uncontrolled laughs. If you’re not smart enough to be that old …. Sorry about that.






2 comments on “WOULD YOU BELIEVE ….

  1. Don Frankel says:

    This was a great show. Since they like to remake everything this would be perfect right now. I’d love to see a new Maxwell Smart trying to find a terrorist by going through 5 million orders to Papa John’s.

    I know Mel Brooks knew this but the term 86 is used in the Restaurant business to describe something that is garbage. If the tuna goes bad and someone asks for it you don’t want to say it’s spoiled out loud so you just say 86.


  2. mistermuse says:

    Very few remakes are up to the standard of the original, but if done right, I agree that “Get Smart” could be a big winner in today’s world

    Thanks for the interesting “86” trivia, Don. I wondered why that number, out of all the possibilities, was chosen for Agent Maxwell Smart. .


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