As I’m sure you’re well aware, today (Feb. 20) is Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day. This is the day when all cabin fever sufferers in the Northern Hemisphere who are sick and tired of winter go out at noon, wave their hands over their heads and chant “Hoodie-Hoo.” If your house is buried under twenty feet of snow and you can’t open your door without being greeted by an avalanche, you have the option to climb up the inside of your chimney and shout “Hoodie-Hoo” from the chimney top (I believe they once made a movie about facing this choice, called “High Noon”). You might first want to put out the fire in your fireplace in case you get stuck half way up, otherwise you may end up with hot buns, and smoke will fill your house like it did all those times your oven didn’t warn you that what you forgot you put in there is burning.

Why one must intone “Hoodie-Hoo” and not some other equally sophisticated babble is not clear to me. As a Cincinnati Bengals fan, for example, I would much prefer to chant “Who Dey,” and no doubt you have your own favorite gibberish, but they say there’s a reason for everything, so let us not quibble. After all, when you’ve been a virtual prisoner in your own house all winter and you’re going stir crazy wondering if you’re ever going to see the sun again, you should just be grateful that you’re not dead.

So just let it all out, like this guy did in another movie (click below), and you’ll feel much better. If that doesn’t work, spend next winter in San Diego. I understand Ricardo Cahill has a beautiful world headquarters building there with a spare room that he may rent you at a reasonable price, if you don’t tell him I sent you.



2 comments on “HAPPY HOODIE-HOO DAY

  1. Ricardo says:

    Or you can sleep in the yard. We’re having a drought, so the chances of you getting rained on are slim.


  2. mistermuse says:

    Hoodies optional, I assume.


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