Do you know why
You see nary a fly
By the first of November?
In fact, you see hardly any at all
Even early in fall —
Which, you may remember, starts in September.

The reason, I’ve found,
Is that flies are bound,
Not young to die, but fearlessly to fly
Like birds and tourists
And warm-weather purists,
South to be winter Gulf Staters, Aztecs and Hondurists.

Now, science may say
There is just no way
What I say will fly. Why would I lie?
Scientists also claim ice floes,
Which shows what they knows.
I’m wise to flies. When flies flee, flies fly free — they no fare pay.


2 comments on “FLYING FREE

  1. arekhill1 says:

    Tis true, Sr. Muse. As an Aztec, albeit a only a bandwagon one (my beloved teaches at San Diego State) I assure you we have flies year round, although until I read your work, I did not realize the winter brood were snowbirds (or snowflies).


  2. mistermuse says:

    Although I had Mexico in mind regarding Aztecs in my poem, I am happy to include San Diego and its university as an Aztec migratory fly destination, Ricardo. By the way, I see that the San Diego State Aztecs are flying high on the basketball court this season, so I’m sure that any sports-minded fly would be happy to make its winter abode in the SDSU arena.


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