Today, December 5th, is the birthday of one of the most famous three-named people in history, George Armstrong Custer, who I probably should’ve found a way to include in my November 24 post (titled THREE FOR ONE) about such persons.

They say Custer died at Little Big Horn on June 25, 1876, but he has lived on in film more than anyone I know of. Wikipedia lists over 30 movies centered around Custer, and I found at least one more not on their list: LITTLE BIG HORN (1951) starring Lloyd Bridges. Other stars who have portrayed Custer include Ronald Reagan in SANTA FE TRAIL (1940), Errol Flynn in THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON (1941) and, believe it or not, Leslie Nielsen in THE PLAINSMAN (1966) – not to be confused with the 1936 film of the same named starring Gary Cooper (but NOT as Custer). Another unlikely portrayal listed by Wikipedia is by Italian movie star Marcello Mastroianni “depicting Custer as vain” in DON’T TOUCH THE WHITE WOMAN (1974). I’ve seen several Custer movies, but somehow I missed that one.

Speaking of someone who will live on, I just learned (after writing the above) that Nelson Mandela has died, so I will let Custer go now out of respect for the man who lived 95 years and left the world a better place. May the man of peace rest in peace.