In the search for meaning we must not forget that the gods (or God, for that matter) are a concept of the human mind; they are the creatures of man, not vice versa. They are needed and invented to give meaning and purpose to the puzzle that is life on earth, to explain strange and irregular phenomena of nature, haphazard events and, above all, irrational human conduct. They exist to bear the burden of all things that cannnot be comprehended except by supernatural intervention or design.
–Barbara Tuchman, The March Of Folly

Fear can grab us as surely as death, but
the question even fear cannot bury asks
What loving father isn’t there
for his children from day one?
The Good Book talks a good game, but when
fear’s survivors no longer think as children, the
burden of uncomprehended things will be faced.
It is the creator’s absence by design
which will cry out for meaning on that day.
Heavenly Father, you had creator’s choice,
chose to big bang the universe into unforgiving
existence, chose to be the ultimate missing father.
Forgive me, but what am I missing?


Mostly this we have of God; we have man.
–Walt Whitman

Let’s say, for the sake of agreement,
that fate holds no afterlife….who will
vindicate atheists for being dead right?
Let’s say it comes to pass that
our prayers rode dead-end streets….what
souls of back-seat drivers will survive
to eternally second-guess our folly?
Let’s say the promise of scripture rests
on the say-so of those who professed
to record His word, His deeds. Pray, then,
to the God of man’s word that man’s word
be true, for beyond the here there shall be
no confronting the chosen ones
for having chosen to play God.