As a follow-up to my review of DEADLY DECISIONS, I would like to commend two additional books to the attention of anyone interested in continuing their education in these matters.

I am indebted for the first of these book proposals (as I haven’t yet read it myself) to blog reader tomgnh, who suggests checking out MARCH OF FOLLY by Barbara Tuchman. According to tomgnh, Tuchman “traces several truly stupid political decisions to try to understand the forces that led to them despite arguments to the contrary.”

The second recommendation is WHAT’S SO WRONG WITH BEING ABSOLUTELY RIGHT (subtitled THE DANGEROUS NATURE OF DOGMATIC BELIEF) by Judy J. Johnson, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at a Canadian college. This book tackles similar subject matter from a more theoretical and clinical (as you might suspect from her profession), but nonetheless highly readable, standpoint. Quoting from the back cover blurb: “By focusing on how people believe, not what they believe, we can minimize dogmatism’s harmful effects in our personal lives as well as our educational, political and other social institutions.”


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