Man is learning all his life and yet he dies in ignorance.
–Yugoslav proverb

Most of us never get it.
It’s not as if we run out of time.
Methuselah could’ve lived a million years
and not aged more than a babe in the woods.
You know what they say about not knowing what
you don’t know? The problem for the rest of is
that we know all too well what we don’t know….
and, what we will never know. Without knowledge,
what do you substitute for certainty?
To believe or not to believe, that is the quest.
Your truth or my truth?
Testimony or evidence?
God or no God?
Creative lust or transcendent purpose?
Death after life or life after death?
The answer, my friend, is growin’ in the womb
as if due to emerge, but remains forever pregnant.


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